Prop Busters R/C Club Field Regulations

All Pilots must be an AMA member or under the supervision of an AMA instructor to fly at the club field.

New members need to be signed off by an AMA instructor to fly with out supervision at the club field.

All AMA safety rules apply - copy posted at the field.

All flying should be done on the east side of the safety fence, with prevailing traffic. All combat must be east of the runway.(Not over runway)

Pilots should stand at marked flying stations behind safety fence while taking off, flying, and landing. This includes hand launches.

Aircraft must be restrained when starting in pits or on the flight line.

2 Cycle enginges should have some type of muffler or silencer.

Rules may be amended for special club events. This will be addressed at the pilots meeting before any event starts.

Report anything you feel is unsafe to the club President. Field Marshall, or Safety Officer immediately.

Fly safe and have a great time